part I

once I dreamed that my head was a skull... and I didn't have a neck: the skull was just floating over my shoulders.
I was quite shocked when, in the dream, I looked at my self in the mirror and realized in what state I was.
The scene was so striking that I still remember it vividly, after so many years.

part II

Nowadays I found myself reflecting on the meaning of that vision.
Today the message that undergows it is cristal clear.
I wasn't dead, but the image reflecting back was telling me that my head was.
It was a warning: when a mind is conditionable, schematized, simplified, massified, unified, comfortable, indolent, judgmental, obscured, dodging stimulations, changes, devoid of interest, creativity, doubt, with no indulgence for chaos but neither for rigor then it's, in fact, dead.
And one can exist for a very long time in that sorrow and morbid state.

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