Managing time is a pivotal question for the young human who wants to flow into the stream of the trends, lead a virtuous and knowledgeful existence or just indulge in personal pleasures.
The problem of finding as much free time as possible, after having worked, slept, eaten or purged, arises furiously each and every day.

The forementioned youngster encounters many hurdles in reaching this goal, obviously I'm talking about the dozens of tedious daily tasks that clustered together build up to an obnoxious amount of time which is unpaid, poorly recreational and by no means creative, merely aimed at the maintenance of a status that not only does not evolve, but seems to require more efforts the further you go on.

sweep, work out, clean the hard-drive, shave, replace the dehumidifying salts, upgrade software, fill the tank, print out modules, delete spam, shower, pigeonhole the letters, go to the chemistry, cut the nails, face cream, hand cream, pour from container A to container B, jala-neti, oral higene, prepair the sack, stretch, swallow vitamins, check weather forecast, undo the sack...

the only solution practically feasable would be to absentmind myself(*). but the idea of training the blurring of my own consciousness in aberrant to say the least, unless we want to consider it a new goal: to take the level of awareness to a higher refinement.

(*)I mean reflect constructively during the completion of these treacherous activities.

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