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Information provided pursuant to article 13 of Legislative Decree 196/2003 (IT) to visitors and users of the services offered by the website, starting from the address (, with the exclusion of external links.

In compliance with the European Union Regulation n. 2016/679, known as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), information relating to cookies is provided below.

Cookies are small strings of text that the sites visited by the user send to the browser, where they are stored, to be then retransmitted to the same sites at the next visit by the same user (so-called first-party cookies). While browsing a site, the user can also receive cookies on his terminal that are sent from different sites or web servers (so-called third-party cookies), on which some elements may reside (such as images, maps, sounds, specific links to pages from other domains) visualized on the site he is visiting.
Cookies can collect information and personal data such as: IP address, nationality, city, date / time, device, browser, operating system, screen resolution, navigation origin, pages visited and number of pages, duration of the visit, number of visits carried out.

First-party cookies can be technical and profiling.
Technical cookies guarantee normal navigation and use of the website and are divided into: session cookies, which are stored during navigatione exclusively until the browser is closed, and persistent cookies that are saved in the user's device until upon their expiration or cancellation by the user himself. Without the use of these cookies, some operations could not be performed or would be more complex and / or less secure; cookies, which allow, for example, to carry out and maintain user identification during the session, are essential. Session cookies may be installed in order to allow access and permanence in the reserved area of ​​a portal as an authenticated user. Profiling cookies are aimed at creating profiles related to the user and can be used in order to send advertising messages in line with the preferences expressed by the user, or for detailed analysis or reports relating to the user surfing the net.

Third-party cookies can be technical, analytical and profiling, and are generated and sent by the Shiny Stat website.
Third-party analytical cookies are used to anonymously detect information on user behavior on the site, in order to monitor performance and improve the usability of the site. The use of these cookies and the relative deactivation possibility are regulated by the rules set by the third parties themselves, therefore, the user is invited to read the information on the processing of personal data and the indications to manage or disable the cookies published in the Cookie Policy.

Technical cookies and third-party cookies may be installed from this website. In any case, the user can at any time manage, or perfrom the general deactivation or cancellation of cookies, by changing the settings of his internet browser. Such deactivation could slow down or prevent access to some parts of the site or make navigation less functional. The settings to manage or disable cookies may vary depending on the internet browser used, therefore, for more information on how to perform these operations, we suggest the User to consult the manual of your device or the "Help" function of your internet browser. Below are the links that indicate how to manage or disable cookies for the most popular internet browsers:

For any information or request, you may contact the following address:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Additional information regarding the CMS used on this website.

All requests to a Joomla website start a session which stores the IP address in the session data and creates a session cookie in the user's browser. The IP address is used as a security measure to help protect against potential session hijacking attacks and this information is deleted once the session has expired and its data purged. The session cookie's name is based on a randomly generated hash and therefore does not have a constant identifier. The session cookie is destroyed once the session has expired or the user has exited their browser.

Authentication Cookie. In conjunction with a plugin which supports a "Remember Me" feature, such as the "System - Remember Me" plugin, this plugin creates a cookie on the user's client if a "Remember Me" checkbox is selected when logging into the website. This cookie can be identified with the prefix `joomla_remember_me` and is used to automatically log users into the website when they visit and are not already logged in.

In order to process information requests, information about the user must be collected and logged for the purposes of retaining an audit log. The request system is based on an individual's email address which will be used to link the request to an existing site user if able.

System - Language Filter. The website supports multiple languages, this plugin can be configured to set a cookie on the user's browser which remembers their language preference. This cookie is used to redirect users to their preferred language when visiting the site and creating a new session. The cookie's name is based on a randomly generated hash and therefore does not have a constant identifier.

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