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I came back home and everything was ... kind'a different. From the building's atrium to the living room: the furnishings belonged to the past, most from a past I remembered. Nobody seemed to be aware of what was going on but I had an ace up my sleeve. The modern man shall not be found umprepaired and shall not be bewildered by the visit of an unwanted temporal distortion. It will not drive him mad, it will not expose him to public laughter -  as long as he's got enough charge in the battery.

Homo Technologicus is equipped with an extraordinary set of sensors, for the first time in the history of his kind.

He will record everything, thoroughly, will take pictures from each angle, will record sounds, notes. Everything will be memorized until you'll find the decency of leaving this plane of existence, towards some other order to insult, some other soul to push into chaos. Not me, not this time, you indeterministic abortion of the sacred structure, this time I'll have proof...

Galvanized by the readiness of my countermeasure I would furiously take shoots the old postal boxes I couldn't reach as a kid and the marks left by the pictures taken off before painting the walls, the dial phone and that odd piece of furniture that has never ever belonged to our home, maybe it was some relative's ... no, maybe I'm wrong ... actually I don't even know what it is.

A step back for a last view, to the impossible house i hated before giving it astonishment, to the house that shouldn't had been, alike for an anomaly rather than an hallucinated image of an adrift mind.

A sigh of relief while I fetch my data - as there's still some charge - for a last pride review. At a sudden something bites me at the guts... photos are all blurred, out of focus! damn touchscreen didn't activate at the right moment, how many times did I shoot my own sleeve? too few shots... I had to save charge... and where are my notes? nowhere? A read error, damn memory cards... nothing has retained!
I have no proof, they will never believe me, nobody will believe me...

a couple of days has passed and nothing important happened, nothing linking to the anomaly anyway. Maybe I can purchase a backup battery or a more powerful one. Next time I'll be ready.

the end