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hall of the mountain grill
Hall of the Mountain Grill (Hawkwind 1974)

They knew that a cover isn't just packaging. It's complemental, it's an added value... following in the footsteps of other fellows artists, Hawkwind shook an artistic collaboration with a graphic designer.Barney Bubbles realized marvels for the english space-rock band but the illustration made for their fouth album "Hall of the Mountain Grill" (1974) is nothing but sublime, evocative, futurist, marked with the ineffable sign of classic science fiction and makes perfect coupling with the musical content.

Fascinations, space sagas spring from the derelict laid into the misty alien lagoon, filled with mistery but majestic and impressive at the same time, proud testimony of remote space battles, faded by uncountable centuries along with the reasons that triggered them, the remains of a spaceship abandoned in a foreign world, forsaken, only the echos of the lifes that fought on board still evaporate through the wrecks, saluting the flag still blazing on the hull.